Kindly be advised that the Flag hoisting & main day Obayums has already been booked. 

Devotees that would like to conduct an obayam but do not have the time or resources, the temple provide this service at a cost of R3200.

  This cost includes all the following:

•                    ABHISHEGAM GOODS

o   which includes -1 Box Camphor, 2 Big Packets Havan Samagiri (mixture), 1Kg Ghee, 1 Pkt Borrie, 1 Pkt Kumgum, 1 Big Pkt Sambrani, 5 Beetle Leaves, 5 Beetle Nuts, 1Kg Navanthaniam (9 Kind Beans), 1 Pkt Agarbathi, 1 Big Pkt Aval kadaly, 1 Big Pkt Sugar Candy,  1 Big Pkt Raisins .

•                    ALANGARAM (Dressing of the Murti)

o   which includes – Sarie; One Garland,  two Upright Bouquets, Clothing for all Murugan Murti’s .

•                    NEYVEATHIYUM (Feeding of the Murti)

o   Which includes All Parsamdam for Lord Muruga, 1 Package  Flower Petals,  5 Coconuts

This price also includes the preparation and serving of the Parsamdam for Devotees which consists of 2 Curries, Rice & Pickle.  We will also provide the Plates and cups.  Should you have any additional requirements it can be arranged at an additional cost or can be provided by the devotee.

 Important Notice

  • Families conducting the prayer must be at the temple at least 30 mins before the prayer commences.


For further inquiries please contact:
Guru Kumarin - 072 830 5327