The importance of the Maavilakku

Why is the Maavilakku so important for the Goddess Mariamman?

According to legend the Maavilakku was offered to Goddess Mariamman by her brother Lord Vishnu to appease her anger as she wanted to infest the world with pearls of small pox.

The Maavilakku is made out of ground white rice, honey, butter and elachi which is mixed together and molded into a lamp. In the center of the lamp ghee is poured with a cotton wool wick which is lit.
The Maavilakku is carried around the temple 3 times and than offered at the feet of Mariamman.

Devotees who suffer from some disease of the eye, month, ears, stomach, hand, leg, etc will make a vow to offer a Maavilakku to Mariamman should they be cured.
Once cured the devotee fulfils their vow by offering the Maavilakku to Amma.
In the famous Samayapuram Mariamman Temple in South India a very special ritual concerning the Maavilakku finds importance.

The cured person lies on his/her back in front of the Amma a leave is placed on the affected part of the person’s body.

The Maavilakku is placed on the leave and lit. After a while is taken off and offered as prasadam.
Please remember that this Maavilakku does not have to only be made in the month of Aadhi but it can be made at any time and offered to Amma.